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Bunalun Virgin Coconut Oil (432ml)

Bunalun Organic cold pressed, virgin coconut oil (432ml) has a gentle aroma and taste of freshl..

€9.49 Ex Tax: €9.49

Cacao Nibs Raw (250g)

These cacao nibs from Peru, are fermented for a short time, and are dried at a very low temperature...

€8.45 Ex Tax: €8.45

Cacao Nibs Raw NUA (150g)

Cacao is one of nature's greatest superfoods. The core ingredient in chocolate, when consumed in its..

€6.99 Ex Tax: €6.99

Cacao Powder (250g)

A pure, unrefined, certified organic raw cocao powder that, inlike chocolate, contains zero sugar or..

€9.49 Ex Tax: €9.49

Cacao Powder NUA (100g)

Cacao contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any known food by far, more than that fo..

€4.95 Ex Tax: €4.95

Chia Seeds (250g)

Chia seeds are the tiny white, brown, purple or even black coloured seeds found in the flower o..

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Chia Seeds Your Organic Nature (250g)

Chia Seeds Your Organic Nature (250g)..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Chlorella Powder NUA (250g)

Lean and green. Packed full of protein. Chlorella is an ideal supplement to boost immunity and promo..

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Raw Hemp Protein Powder (200g)

Raw Hemp Protein Powder (200g)Product Information:Hemp Powder has a nutty flavor. Also protein becau..

€7.99 Ex Tax: €7.99

Vinegar Cider (500 ml)

 Cider is extracted from unfermented cider vinegar by bio-dynamic procedures. This cider is ext..

€3.49 Ex Tax: €3.49

Wheatgrass Powder (100g)

Wheatgrass powder is made from the tender young shoots of the Triticum aestivum - a common wheat pla..

€5.38 Ex Tax: €5.38

Raw Sauerkraut Carrot and Fennel (400g)

Raw Sauerkraut Carrot and Fennel (400g)Organic 100% NaturalUnpasteurizedFree from vinegar & pres..

€5.79 Ex Tax: €5.79

Raw Sauerkraut Chilli and Dill (400g)

Raw Sauerkraut Chilli and Dill (400g)Organic 100% NaturalUnpasteurizedFree from vinegar & preser..

€5.79 Ex Tax: €5.79

Raw Sauerkraut Juniper Berry (400g)

Raw Sauerkraut Juniper Berry (400g)Organic 100% NaturalUnpasteurizedFree from vinegar & preserva..

€5.79 Ex Tax: €5.79

Raw Sauerkraut Natural (400g)

Raw Organic Sauerkraut Natural (400g).Organic 100% NaturalUnpasteurizedFree from vinegar & prese..

€5.79 Ex Tax: €5.79

Raw Sauerkraut Ruby Red (400g)

Raw Sauerkraut Ruby Red (400g)Organic 100% NaturalUnpasteurizedFree from vinegar & preservatives..

€5.79 Ex Tax: €5.79

Organic Cinnamon Ground New

Cinnamon Ground (24g)

Cinnamon Ground (24g) ..

€1.49 Ex Tax: €1.49