Pizza Making

Pizza Making -  ingredients you might like to make your own yummy home cooked pizza's.

Easy recipe to make up to 4 small round thin pizza bases (or 2 large backing trays):

  • 300ml water, 2ml dried yeast, pinch of sugar

  • 500g flour, 30ml olive oil, 5ml salt

Mix the water with the yeast and sugar and leave aside. Weight the flour and put into the bread maker if you have one or a bowl. Add the salt and olive oil and the water/yeast/sugar mix. Put the bread maker to a dough mixing setting or mix the ingredients in your bowl. Leave the mix for a couple of hours in the bread maker or covered in a warm place until the dough doubles in size. Ready to roll. Spare dough can be frozen in individual portion sizes for later use.

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Bunalun Crushed Tomato Passata (680g)

Bunalun Crushed Tomato Passata (680g)  Each portion (100g) contains Calories 24 1%, Suga..

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Bunalun Crushed Tomato Passata with Chili (680g)

Bunalun Crushed Tomato Passata with Chili (680g)  Ingredients: Tomatoes*,Chilli P..

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Dried Yeast (9g)

Dried Yeast (9g) ..

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Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

Your Organic Nature Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)..

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Olive Oil Extra Virgin (500ml) [OLVIA]

  Olvia is an organic extra virgin olive oil from the Greek island of Lesvos. Made by the Tzor..

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Olives green pitted (150g)

Olives green pitted (150g)  ..

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Pesto Genovese (140g)

Organic Pesto Genovese 140gThink Italian cuisine. Think Pesto. ‘Pesto’ is Italian for sauce and the ..

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Tin of Olive Oil Extra Virgin (1 litre) [OLVIA]

  Olvia is an organic extra virgin olive oil from the Greek island of Lesvos. Made by the Tzor..

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Wheat Flour Plain White (1kg)

Organic Plain White Wheat Flour (1kg) Ekoplaza from Germany ..

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Granulated Sugar (750g)

Granulated Sugar (750g)..

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Olives Black Pitted (150g)

Organic Olives Black Pitted (150g)  ..

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Cherry vine tomatoes IRISH (250g)

Tasty organic cherry vine tomatoes from Ireland, Mixed Varieties of Sakura (red) & Sungold (oran..

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Mushrooms Chestnut (200g)

Organic chestnut mushrooms from Holland,  fresh every week...

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Onions Red (3pc)

Fresh red onions from Egypt (500g)..

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Onions White (750g)

White onions from Egypt (750g) ..

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Pepper yellow (1 pc)

Fresh juicy yellow peppers from Italy..

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Red pepper (1pc)

Delicious organic red peppers from Italy ..

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Sweetcorn (pack of 2)

Lovely pre-boiled sweetcorn from France, pack of 2..

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Wild Rocket FARM (70g)

Fresh crisp wild rocket from our FARM 70g...

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Dunany Rye Flour Stoneground (1kg)

Dunany Organic Rye Flour Stoneground (1kg)Rye is low in gluten and suitable for traditional sourdoug..

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Dunany Wholemeal Flour Extra Coarse Stoneground (1.5kg)

Dunany Organic Wholemeal Extra Coarse Stoneground (1.5kg)Wholesome, nutty and coarse grained. Except..

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Dunany Wholemeal Flour Fine Stoneground (1.5kg)

Dunany Organic Wholemeal Flour Fine Stoneground (1.5kg)The Workman family have developed their flo..

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Oregano (40g)

Organic Oregano (40g) OREGANO’S ”HIDDEN” HEALTH SECRET The ancient Greek doctor Hi..

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