Spelt Crackers With Sesame Seeds (100g)

Organic Spelt Crackers With Sesame Seeds

Spelt Crackers with Sesame Seeds (100g)


A cracker with the finely nutty flavor sesame.


82% full grain spelt*, rapeseed oil*, 8% sesame*, sea-salt, yeast*, barley malt extract*, baking agent: sodium carbonate

*from controlled organic cultivation


Contains sesame

Can be stored up to 4 months


** Vegan according to the recipe, i.e. produced without the use of animal ingredients / adjuvants. The indication "vegan according to the recipe" does not automatically exclude traces of ingredients of animal origin which are also used in the production plant (e.g., egg, honey ...). The list has been compiled to the best of our knowledge based on the information available to us. No guarantee is assumed for completeness. Product or recipe changes are possible and are entered at regular intervals.

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